The Gourmet Soup Company Webshop is a web design and hosting service created by Gary Ritner, web manager for as long as the web has existed. Gary will give your website personal attention. He provides the domain, web hosting, design and tech support for your web site for $150 a year.

Retiring from almost 40 years as a church pastor in 2011, Gary will give you insights into how to make your website deliver success for your organization or company.

You can make your own changes through an interface that Gary will set up for you. He will train you to make the changes. Or you can submit changes to him and Gary will make the changes for you.

This is a remarkable offer. No one else offers this much for this small amount. Gary wants to help you and has developed ways to make it affordable for you. His experience makes it possible for him to work quickly and efficiently. Gary believes that you can have what you need without paying the market rate for it. His background funding - pension and social security - makes it possible for Gary to work for you for next to nothing.

Someone was overheard to say recently, "Our web designers have been working hastily for three months to bring you a new web site." That is all too true in the field of web development ... and you get charged for the time. However, Gary believes that is totally unnecessary and downright fraudulent. It is not that complicated if you know what you are doing. Those who make it that complicated are doing so to make you pay more. Gary can have your web site with your own domain online in minutes after you request it.

  1. Why should my business have a web site?

    "Let's tell the world what you can do." If nobody knows about it, does a business exist? Not for long! You need to tell people who you are, where you are and what you can do for them. Together, "let's tell the world what you can do" with your web site.

    Even people down the street may find you on the web without knowing that you existed before they saw you on the web. It's the best advertising for the investment. Other advertising costs twice as much for one fifth of the impact and one tenth the time exposure. The web site provides lots of information about your company, while ads in other forms provide very little.

    Even if your business is down the street, many of your customers will be using an Internet search to find products and services close to them.

    The web site is a permanent promotional tool rather than one-time ads and it provides your customers with easy access to your company whenever they need it. They can get fast and complete answers to their questions, at their convenience.

    Catch up to where your customers are shopping - online and around the clock.

  2. Who will do the work on my web site and will I have personal contact with that person?

    Gary Ritner, your technical web developer, will work with you in person, by phone, by email and with samples online to make the site what you want it to be. Gary has many years of experience as a web site manager. See some samples of the web sites of Gary's current clients linked at the bottom of this page. You can see all you ever wanted to know about him at . Gary started and managed the Minnesota United Methodist Church web site for ten years before moving on to more independant projects. He has also managed an independent web development business for many years. Your project will have high priority. Gary will consult with Pam Armstrong on many design and artistic issues to be sure that you have a site that provides maximum positive impact for your potential clients.

  3. If I chose to have someone else do my web site after the first-year contract expires, can I keep my domain and have someone else administer my web site?

    Yes, you can hand over the administration of your web site to someone else at any time after the contract expires. You can keep your domain name and transfer it to another web host at any time after the contract expires.

  4. How will search engines find my site?

    Gary will assist you to develop a thirty-word description as well as fifty phrases so that search engines can find your web site and make it easily available to those users searching for what you have to offer. Gary will register your site with some of the most popular search engines and directories.

  5. Where did you get that name - Gourmet Soup Company Webshop?

    "I love creating soup from my own imagination - really good soup - that makes your mouth water and want more. That is what attracts me to web development, the opportunity to be creative in a way that brings clients back for more." Gary

Some of the sites managed by Gary:

  1. AirForce Filters
  2. Kidscount1234
  3. Katie and Company
  4. Fall Lake Township
  5. Robert Lopno Associates - Therapists
  6. IBloomCounseling
  7. Cradle of Wings - Song for an Infant Funeral or Loss of a Child
  9. Antonina Brem Wedding Services
  10. Chris Richardson Wedding Officiating Services
  11. SaintSavers Wedding Officiating Services

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