I am Dr. Gary Ritner - a Pastor, author and web designer. I am a pioneer in the democritization of publishing. My mission is to help authors to share their edifying work with the world. If you have something to say that is in good taste, I may be willing to help you to share it with others on the Internet. Show me your work and let's see if we can work together.

You can have your original written or musical work online with password protection and payment processing so that it can be downloaded for a fee. You retain all rights and can pull your work at any time.

An agreement form is signed by authors for one year at a time, including the accepting of all responsibility for complying with copyright laws. Written works will be published 'as is' in a PDF format. Submit a Word file. Musical works will be distributed as an mp3. Submit an mp3 file.

Your work will have a unique web site and domain for $50 a year. That is all you will pay - $50 a year - with the right to cancel at any time. Promotion is your responsibility. You are paying me to provide the web site hosting and design (or use your design), domain name, email address on your domain, setup and maintenance and technical assistance to make the system work for you.

You set the price for downloading of your work and collect for all the downloads through your PayPal account. I will have no access to your payment account on PayPal. All the money that is paid for downloads will be under your control.

Click on my email address to submit your work to me by email at gary@garyritner.org

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