Fantasy Love Online - the Ebook - is a romance between Greg, who has been searching for the right person with whom he can be the right person at age 32, and Renae, who hopes for marriage and family at age 30 with the right guy.

They share emotional journeys, compassionate missions and fulfilled dreams. They explore the complexities of online dating, technology and teleworking, relationships and passion in marriage. Fantasies for lasting love are pursued. Safety measures in the use of online dating technologies are evaluated. Commitment to caring as parents and partners is illustrated.

Everyone has a fantasy about the love of their life. Some have their fantasies fulfilled. Others have regrets. Explore your fantasies for real love with Greg and Renae.

They started their Fantasy Love Online, continued to keep the fire going and found each other again. Learn from their ups and downs.

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Fantasy Love Online by Gary David Ritner
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